Introducing Your New Favorite Bag (It’s Vegan)

When I first discovered Canadian accessories brand Matt & Nat, I was instantly impressed by their clean designs and fresh colors. By the time I learned that their products incorporate only sustainable and eco-friendly materials, I was full fledged in love.

Matt & Nat (cleverly derived from “material and nature”) experiment with new innovations each season, ranging from recycled nylons and cardboard to rubber and cork.  They’ve even introduced recycled bicycle tires into recent collections. Matt & Nat use vegan leathers in lieu of the real thing, opting for polyurethane whenever possible.

The brand also advocates transparency throughout its supply chain, regularly visiting their factories to ensure quality working conditions. One of their factories already operates at the SA8000 standard, an international certification that ensures the implementation of ethical practices in the workplace. Hell yeah!

Matt & Nat carry a huge range of accessories, including cross bodies, clutches, backpacks, totes and shoes. One thing’s for sure: You certainly won’t get bored while browsing their beautiful collections. Below are a few of my personal favorites.

The Vignelli

Could there be a more perfect fusion of function and style? I love the simplicity and elegance of this backpack, which could be paired with nearly any outfit.

The Eeha Sm

This bag looks like summer. A no-fuss cross body like this will be perfect for FYF festival in August. The eye catching color is a plus!

The Carrie

I could never get tired of a classic bag like this. The Carrie has timeless appeal, and its removable cross body strap makes it a versatile choice.

Learn more about Matt & Nat


3 thoughts on “Introducing Your New Favorite Bag (It’s Vegan)

  1. What a shame they use polyutherene. I was excited until I read that. Still, given thier commitment to eco-friendly materials I imagine they will look into using pineapple leather soon. That material is pretty new and is really starting to take off.

    I find it really disappointing when so-called sustainable brands use synthetic leathers. They aren’t sustainable at all. Now that pineapple leather and cork leather are easy to come by, there isn’t a good justification for sticking with the sythetics. Hopefully they will make the switch soon!


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