Warning: Aritzia Just Got Better

Canadian fashion boutique Aritzia is capitalizing on the ethical fashion movement. Their recently released Spring ’16 line features several pieces that are equal parts sexy and sustainable (in that order). This exciting new collection has remastered signature silhouettes in stunning vegan suede. According to their own testament, it’s even “better than the real thing.”


As someone who has frequented Aritzia for years, this development is great news. Despite ranking among my favorite brands, I always felt that Aritzia’s commitment to sustainability wasn’t particularly impressive. Yes, they claim social responsibility is part of their ethos, but who doesn’t these days? Actions speak louder than words when it comes to such commitments, which are often treated simply as positive PR.

That’s why I’ve been so pleased to see Aritzia introducing more and more products made with ethics in mind. Peruse their online shop, and you’ll see many vegan alternatives to suede and leather and even some jackets filled with ethically sourced down. The company’s renewed emphasis on materials and their impact is a distinct reflection of changing consumer habits, particularly among their key market.

Aritzia CEO Brian Hill says the company stands “somewhere in between the luxury market and the junior market in women’s fashion, for young women who have significant disposable income, but don’t want disposable clothes.” It’s no surprise that Artizia’s target consumer is increasingly an advocate of conscious consumerism. For the woman who curates her wardrobe the same way she would art, the clothes she wears are a reflection of her evolved sensibilities and her relationship to the physical world.

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I’d recommend...

Daria Pant | Wilfred Free | $135

These smooth-as-butter vegan leather leggings have quickly become a staple in my wardrobe. Made of polyurethane, they’ve proven to be durable and comfortable.

Morton Jacket | Talula | $165

Wow. I never knew suede could be so bad ass! Sign me up for one of these, please.

Saltwell Skirt | Talula | $110

I’m genuinely upset I don’t already own this skirt. Who doesn’t need this basic in their closet?

Talula SALTWELL SKIRT | Aritzia


One thought on “Warning: Aritzia Just Got Better

  1. Dear Bre,

    We’re Alexis and Kachen, the co-founders of Parisian conscious fashion brand Les Sublimes. Holly Rose from the Ethical Writers Coalition recommended reaching out to you in a meeting last week. She thought that our purposes and aesthetics align when it comes to sustainable fashion and that we might be interested in working together.

    We would love to collaborate with you on a feature in Je Suis Bre. Could you please send us your media kit and any additional information that you typically provide potential brand partners?

    You can learn more about Les Sublimes at the following links:

    Brand Website: http://www.les-sublimes.com
    Indiegogo Crowdfunding Page: https://igg.me/at/lessublimes
    Press Kit: http://www.les-sublimes.com/pages/press-kit
    Recent Press: https://www.les-sublimes.com/pages/press-coverage

    Looking forward to hearing from you and have a great week!

    Alexis + Kachen

    Ps. I’m so in love with Aritzia so I really enjoyed discovering this article! I grew up with the brand. So happy to read that Aritzia is adding some sustainable options to their offering!!


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