The 3 Best Labels At Berlin Fashion Week

The Green Showroom, an international trade fair for ethical design, is one of the highlights of Berlin Fashion Week every year. In a city that’s known for its creativity, it’s not surprising that ethical fashion has been embraced as part of the culture. Berlin Fashion Week spanned from January 19th to 22nd this season, and attracted more attention than ever. The Green Showroom has helped to elevate the bi-annual Fashion Week by showcasing the work of high-end, sustainable designers with a focus on luxury. The collections selected to be featured as part of the trade show encompass an impressive commitment to sustainable principles, spanning from ecological impact to social responsibility. I couldn’t resist combing through every label to find my favorites this time around. Boy does hard work pay off!

Suite 13 

This Barcelona based label immediately stood out to me while perusing this season’s Green Showroom participants. Suite 13 is dedicated to transparency and produces their timeless and high quality line locally, in fair trade conditions. Sustainability is integral to the design process, and many of their pieces incorporate natural fabrics or organic cotton. A focus on original cuts and clean lines sets Suite 13 apart from the pack. I’m particularly smitten with the embroidered cotton Vera coat.

Suite 13 | Vera Coat
Suite 13 | Dana T-Shirt

Elsien Gringhuis  

Elsien Gringhuis is a label to take note of at the Green Showroom this season. Gringhuis founded her label in 2009, when she first introduced her independent collection during Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Her thoughtful and avant-garde designs have won her international awards, including the Createurope award for ‘Best Avantgarde Designer.’ Rather than creating entirely new designs every season, Gringhuis produces basics called “Books,” which are intended to be complemented by seasonal releases called “Chapters.” Items are only produced on demand, generating minimal waste.

I’ve been lusting over this textured bomber jacket that’s made entirely of Better Cotton Initiative certified cotton. What a dream!

Elsien Gringhuis | Long Bomber Jacket


This sustainable swimwear label has taken my breath away with their stunning cuts and holistic philosophy. AllSisters is based in Barcelona and uses recycled fabrics to create its high quality swimsuits which emphasize the female body. Their mesmerizing swimwear has been featured in publications including GQ, Marie Claire, and Nylon. My heart has been captured by the sexy Andromdae one-piece  and the skin-baring Scorpii bottom.

Is summer here yet?

allSisters | Andromdae Swimsuit
allSisters | Scorpii Bottom

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