Music To My Ears | Oliver Schories| 2

I can’t say enough about Oliver Schories. How can I begin to describe this artist, whose music has been the backdrop to so many special moments in my life? Many of you know I’m a fan of deep house music. Oliver’s music epitomizes what I love about this genre (though he doesn’t characterize his own music this way). It’s thoughtful and measured. Each sound is intentional, being placed precisely where it needs to be. All of his albums can be  listened to as one continuous track, and I encourage you to do so. While I enjoy his EPs, Oliver’s strength lies in his ability to create lengthy, completely developed sets that are underscored by an enchanting homogeneity. A recent DJ set by the artist spanned an entire five hours. To me, these long sets tell stories capable of transporting oneself in place and time. It’s a magical sensation to say the very least.

Oliver released his latest album Fields Without Fences on March 13th. The German prodigy has proven once again that he is capable of translating the most transcendent and intangible emotions through the sounds he creates. He perfectly captures the essence of youthful energy in a way that inspires genuine reflection. Fields Without Fences feels new and exciting, while incorporating the same purity and focus that defines his deep house tunes.

I strongly encourage you to have a listen to music on Spotify and SoundCloud (for your own sake). I’ve included a few of my personal favorites below as well. Have a listen while you’re writing or running or embarking on a long commute home. Follow me on SoundCloud for more music like this.


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