Music To My Ears | 1

Behold my latest music discoveries. Fans of offbeat electronic, this list is for you. I’ve spent hours scouring Spotify, streaming Soundcloud, and jamming out on my drive to work. Here are the results.

Artists & Albums

1. Christian Löffler

I’m really excited about German producer Christian Löffler, whose music is  “connected by a gloomy spirit.” Löffler merges melancholy and euphoria in a haunting synthesis. His most recent album, Young Alaska, recounts his experiences on the road. I’m listening to his Boiler Room set at this very moment, and it’s righteous.

2. Clark

British producer Chris Clark‘s tunes are dark and wonderful. His latest album, Clark, is by far and away my favorite. His Spotify profile reads, “with fully tweaked sounds and disorienting textures overlapping lulling synths, Clark constructed a buzzing and organic world of sound.”  Similar to Löffler’s music, Clark confronts the fragile convergence of beauty and unease seamlessly.

  • Strength Through Fragility, Winter Linn, Unfurla (Spotify only)

3. Vaults

Vaults has been one of my favorite finds in some time. I know little to nothing about this group, other than that they hail from London and one of their tracks will be featured on the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack…but don’t let that dissuade you from checking them out.


Levo – Recondite | This is the soundtrack to the most legendary night of your life. It should be listened to in the car as you race along winding roads or while you stare out at the naked moon around midnight.

Cyanide Sisters – Com Truise | It feels a bit like prom night, but not so cheesy. I imagine bright slurred colors, and some slow motion dancing.

Admire – Tora | Consider this the background to your daydream. If consumed properly, you’ll be inspired to sing out loud, despite your gravest hesitations.

All music available on Spotify. 


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