The 3 Best Trends From Fashion Week

Fashion Week is here and BOY am I enjoying it! I’ve scoured every Spring ’17 show to date to bring you the latest and greatest trends from New York and London Fashion Week. Asymmetrical Earrings If I gleaned anything from the runway this season, it’s that symmetry is overrated. This trend manifested across multiple collections through a surprising medium: … More The 3 Best Trends From Fashion Week

Introducing Your New Favorite Bag (It’s Vegan)

When I first discovered Canadian accessories brand Matt & Nat, I was instantly impressed by their clean designs and fresh colors. By the time I learned that their products incorporate only sustainable and eco-friendly materials, I was full fledged in love. Matt & Nat (cleverly derived from “material and nature”) experiment with new innovations each season, ranging from recycled nylons and cardboard … More Introducing Your New Favorite Bag (It’s Vegan)

It’s Time For A Fashion Revolution

On 24 April 2013, more than one thousand people were killed when the Rana Plaza building collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Western multinationals like Primark, Walmart, and Mango produced clothing at the perilously constructed commercial building. The day before the collapse, inspectors had discovered significant cracks throughout the structure of the complex, where multiple floors had been added on … More It’s Time For A Fashion Revolution

The Truth About Your Clothing Donations

Sitting in the corner of my closet is a brown paper bag filled with castoff clothes. Despite my best efforts to avoid needless purchases, ill-fitting jackets and outdated dresses continue to accumulate like dust in the dark corners of my apartment. These are the inexpensive, expendable clothes I plan on donating to my local Goodwill or Salvation Army. For most Americans, this … More The Truth About Your Clothing Donations

Warning: Aritzia Just Got Better

Canadian fashion boutique Aritzia is capitalizing on the ethical fashion movement. Their recently released Spring ’16 line features several pieces that are equal parts sexy and sustainable (in that order). This exciting new collection has remastered signature silhouettes in stunning vegan suede. According to their own testament, it’s even “better than the real thing.” As someone who has frequented Aritzia for … More Warning: Aritzia Just Got Better

Is Vintage Fur Ethical? A Moral Debate With Myself

Last weekend I had an unprecedented experience that compelled me to write this piece. I had ventured into Oregon City for the evening to have dinner with a close friend of mine, and afterwards we popped into a thrift store down the street. Unlike in hipster populated Portland, secondhand stores in Oregon City are, for lack … More Is Vintage Fur Ethical? A Moral Debate With Myself